Hi, I'm Katalin

I'm a Hypnotist and Soul Coach who has transformed her own life a few times already so I know what it takes and how much work it requires to achieve significant results.

Also a Reiki Healer and Access Bars® Practitioner I combine all my knowledge, gifts and talents to help my clients reach their full potential and get as close to their dreams as possible.

Nowadays, however, people are searching for quick fixes... they want instant results, no matter what. For this reason I created Beyond Belief, a program that combines Soul Coaching with Hypnosis for the fastest results possible.

To date, Hypnosis is the method to go to if you want to get the quickest results since it communicates directly with the sub-conscious mind. Also, can you imagine a better way of working towards your dreams by relaxing and letting someone else do the work for you? No wonder why I call Hypnosis 'Massage for the Mind' as my clients just sit back, relax and I do the work with their sub-conscious mind on their negative, detrimental beliefs that holds them back from living their dream life and changing them to positive beliefs that serve them and transform their life.

It does sound fascinating, doesn't it? Why not give it a go and see how you can work for your goals in a much more comfortable, enjoyable ans easy way that actually brings really fast and amazing results?

Do you want to find out what you are able to accomplish? Do you want a more successful business? More clients? Less stress?

Check out the Business Boost Program to find out how we can help you elevate your success and gain more clarity on what might be blocking more clients and wealth coming your way.

How great will you let your life and business get?

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Combining Soul Coaching with Hypnosis sessions for incredibly fast and effective results

Soul Coaching

Getting to know the Laws of the Universe, how they function  and how they can work for You


Change harmful negative beliefs to positive ones that serve You with the help of Hypnosis

Access Bars®

Release stress, worry, and negative energy blocks relating to any of the main areas of Your life

Life is meant to be an Exciting Journey

I believe that with the right mentoring and some motivation You can achieve incredible results in Your life. I dedicate mine to helping You achieve Your Desires.

Do you want to find out what you are able to accomplish?

What else is possible?

How could your life be even more joyful?

What are your dreams and how do you see them come true?


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