Hi there, this is me, Katalin...

About 10 years ago after a lot of confusion and having had to start my life from scratch a few times, I decided to find my own voice, my truth, my passion in life.

I am a healer, a creative artisan, an up-lifter, a traveller, a dancer and a creator of my magnificent life.

I am here to share all that I know, all I have learnt and experienced in the past years and help others find their purpose and their passion in life...

About a decade ago I had enough of being the victim of circumstances and events and I decided not to be available for confusion and the odds anymore, and just wait to be lucky. I did not know how I was going to do it, I just knew I was going to do it... I knew there was a way and I knew I would find it. I wanted to take control over my life and lead it the way I wanted it to go. So I embarked on a long journey of personal development and spirituality that had turned out to be the most exciting, interesting and joyful transformation of my life. I started reading books about spirituality, attending seminars on self-development, doing courses on hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and life coaching, listening to radio shows, joining new age meet-up groups and took every single chance to educate myself on how to take control over my life and how to be responsible for what is happening to me while I'm also connected to a higher power, to our Source. I was absorbing a great deal of information during the years and did countless of processes and exercises that were available to me.

During these years of personal growth I became confident about what really worked and brought results and so started sharing my knowledge and the valuable processes with others. Being encouraged by the positive changes people achieved with my continuous support I started helping more and more people who found themselves in hopeless situations or stuck in certain stages in their lives and were reaching out for help.

For a few years now I have been practicing as a Hypnotist and Soul Coach mostly combining the 2 methods for the benefits of my clients and to achieve the fastest and best results possible. I'm also a Reiki Healer and Access Bars ® Practitioner.

This magnificent journey of personal growth and self-love has not at all come to an end, in fact it is my intention to keep improving and further educating myself, to keep taking my exploration to even higher levels so that I can be of even greater service to myself and others.


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