Business Boost is Katalin’s eye opening and super effective 3 month's program that combines Soul Coaching and Hypnosis for amazingly fast and astonishing results in Your business mindset and therefore Your success.

During the program You will definitely have a few 'aha!-moments' that might actually change the way You are viewing certain aspects of your business and Your Wealth Consciousness will be transformed to get you more clients and therefore more success and more income.

Just after a few sessions You will notice some significant improvements and by the end of the 3 months You will have a transformed Wealth Consciousness, You will have much more clarity on how to work on Your Abundance Mindset effectively in the future so that success and more clients will be coming to You.

The program is tailor made for Your specific desires regarding  upgrading your business. During the first session You will be asked to fill out a form of over 50 questions and statements. The answers will help us identify where the blocks are so we know exactly what we have to work on.

We will also discuss some Universal Laws - so You know why things happen in Your business the way they do and how to create Your Own Reality and a successful and smooth running business. We will combine this with Hypnotherapy, a super effective tool as it communicates directly with the Sub-Conscious Mind and able to change negative, limiting and detrimental beliefs  - that hold You and  your business back - to positive beliefs that serve You and your success.

Scroll down for more details on the program and find out what benefits it could have for you.

Business Boost Program

3 months' Business Hypno-Coaching Program

Business Boost  is a truly eye opening experience. You probably never would have thought how much spirituality and mindset has got to do with business...

Let me tell you, a whole lot than most people would think.

During the 3 months' tailor made program we focus on your specific needs and work on the areas You want or need to improve the most.

The main Module in the program is Wealth Consciousness, we will explore:

  • The truth about Money, the nature of Money, releasing resentment towards money
  • Energy and the Sub-Conscious, what beliefs block success and Abundance coming to you
  • Receiving and Value, Releasing the guilt of receiving and wanting more
  • Building a strong Abundance Mindset, releasing scarcity mentality
  • Helpful tools, meditations, affirmations, gratitude exercises
  • Basic understanding of the Law of Attraction

The program includes

  • 12 weekly sessions, each 2 hours with a complete and really powerful Hypnosis session
  • My full attention, support and assistance for the whole duration of the program
  • Unlimited email access in case you have any questions between sessions
  • Many very effective tools and exercises that will contribute to the incredible changes in Your business
  • Recommendations on the best books, videos and other materials that have real value
  • You-Time during the Hypnosis session when You can just sit back, relax and  let me do the precious life changing work for You

After the program you will walk away with

  • An upgraded Wealth Consciousness and Abundance Mindset that will help you get more clients and generate more income in Your business
  • A new found inspiration that comes from within and helps you go for your business dreams
  • Clarity and confidence in how to move forward in your business now that you eliminated the blocks
  • You will have many amazing tools from breathing exercises and affirmations to visualization techniques that You can implement straight away and can use any time to help your business grow
  • Many valuable materials that you can keep reading, listening to and watching to keep up the positive energy flow and motivation
  • There will be some awesome side effects due to the Hypnosis sessions such as being more relaxed, positive and peaceful generally and having long deep sleeps

What changes could bring improvement to Your business?

Do you want to have more clients? Do you want to bring in more income?

What could work much better in your business than now? How committed are you to achieve Your Business goals?

Are you ready to go for Your Business Dreams?

Investment in Your Business for more success:

Full Payment: £697


2 Installments: £397