"Soul Coaching with Katalin was a special experience for me. I consider myself as a positive person full of ideas who can always find a way to progress in life. However, I got to the point where I gave myself too many questions and limits where Katalin guided me to the point that I clarified them to myself and found the way how to see my life in the way I don't get stuck again with all the barriers we set to ourselves.
Katalin has a warm and gentle approach but she goes far and deep enough to get the most hidden desires and talents out of you. I am a demanding person and I got what I needed so I am highly recommending her!"
Valentina Osolnik - London

"Katalin's hypnotheraphy sessions are incredibility calm and relaxing.  She's very positive and passionate and has helped increase my self esteem and manage my stress issues.  Thank you so much!"
D.L. -  London

“Katalin has been an incredible catalyst in my life. I had been struggling with Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling Disorder) for over 18 years which would get severe and painful when in periods of stress. Within 4 sessions in two weeks I ceased pulling my hair. 7 follow up sessions and 10 months later I have not pulled 1 single hair and I feel completely amazing about myself.
I can live a life that is free and happy. Thank you so much!
L.A. - London​

“I was always a bit sceptical about hypnotherapy but I have to admit that the experience was really enjoyable and something I was looking forward to every week! 
I went to Katalin primarily for help on handling my emotions during times of stress. I went through a set of Hypnotherapy sessions with her and in just six short sessions I really saw progress in how I was managing tough periods in my life – whether it was problems at work or personal issues. 
Katalin has the most soothing and calming voice which relaxes you in an instant!”
M. F. - London.

"Katalin has been a tremendous help for me during the past two years. She has helped me increase my self-esteem, helped me believing in myself, to dare going after my goals in life and she has helped me getting out of a draining relationship. She has been  a very positive role model, who lives what she preaches. I am forever thankful!"
Sandra S. – Sweden

I found the sessions with Katalin to be relaxing, they really allowed me to stop and identify the changes I wanted to make and also it was immensely helpful to have someone supporting me to focus on what was troubling me and concentrate on the areas in my life that were holding me back.
Katalin has a very calm and positive manner. After the sessions I felt relaxed and calm and found my sleeping hugely improved. The sessions were extremely beneficial, my anxiety and sleep have been much better."
Katie M. -  London