I didn’t choose ROSE, rose chose me…. :)

Recently I have been really into make-up. It all started with a dear friend of mine giving me a red lipstick as present. I didn’t use to wear a lot of make-up but especially no lipstick. I wore the red one a few times and I just got really inspired, I imagined myself wearing all the reds, browns and purples in all shades. So I went to Sephora – yeah I know, I could spend days in that shop 🙂 and so I tried all the lipsticks they had in all colours…. Well, all the reds, browns and purples just didn’t suite me, don’t know why… but the pinks, mauves and roses did…. so I kept an open mind and bought many different shades of dusty roses and pinks and I really like what I see when I wear them 🙂

Have you ever experienced that you would go for something that you thought was the best for you or just simply suitable, just to find that the very thing is not really a best choice? Well, in these cases it’s best to keep an open mind, listen to your heart and just accept what the Universe gives to you 🙂 openness makes us see what we would not see otherwise, it makes us experience different things, it leads to hidden treasures and unexpected but beautiful things 🙂 keep an open mind and welcome all the goodness and beauty the Universe has to offer.

Have an amazing day 🙂 x

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